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AktiMate - AktiMate Micro Speakers (Gloss White)
"I bought a pair of AktiMate speakers back when I used to intern at Insound, I think that was about three years ago? I didn’t have an insane audio set-up, nor did I need one; at the time, I basically just wanted to make music from my laptop, NOT sound like music coming from a laptop. These did the ..."
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Radiohead - The Bends (Reissue)
"So my team lost on Wednesday night, in the most gutting manner possible, and I find myself in the same place I was after the 2010 World Cup Finals: defeated, dispirited, and lost, haphazardly composing a playlist of the saddest-songs-ever. /worldcuptalk The Bends by Radiohead is the cream of the c..."
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