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With 10110101 (REC + PLAY), Datach'i (22-year-old New Yorker Joseph Fraioli) has established himself as one of electronica's most challenging artists. Over the disc's 13 tracks, Datach'i authors a new music that twists genres like drill & bass, abstract techno and gabber into a unique hybrid that will electrify the senses of all attuned to radical sonic deconstruction. With its hyperaccelerated breakbeats, mischievous digital signal processing and obsessive-compulsive synth motif, the track(s) augur the future of drum & bass and IDM just as fervently as recent works by ROM=PARI, Kid-606, Richard Devine and Phthalocyanine have done.


Disc 1
1 Deconstructing Man
2 Leonard Park
3 Midnight Cowpoke
4 VCR Powered Carcass
5 VCR Powered Carcass [2]
6 Turtle Head
7 Jap Box
8 Leonard Park (Blank)
9 Xora+B (10/10/01) A= (You and Me) 13
10 Take off Your Face
11 Piecing It Back Together
12 Fried Notes
13 Dizzy Fizz

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