120 Days

120 Days found each other in Kristiansund, Norway, but decided if they ever were to reach out to a larger audience they'd need to move to another town. And so they pooled their money, bought an RV and drove it to Oslo and lived rent-free (you don't have to pay rent for the sidewalk) creating music in their tight-quarters studio/mobile home.

Imagine a handful of Neu!, Spacemen 3 and XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream obsessed kids hanging in an RV in a city that sees periods of darkness that last for weeks on end. Then 120 Days makes a lot more sense.

The band plays hypnotic electro-rock with dark memories of Joy Divison and riffs that are New Order worthy.

In 2004, then known as The Beautiful People (changed their name due to copyright when they got signed by Virgin) they released their criticly acclaimed first EP named Sedated Times. T...


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