13 Hedgehogs

Melt Banana

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2005, AZAP

One CD. 57 songs from 13 singles and splits. Many of these have been unavailable for years and never on CD! 13 Hedgehogs is a great collection of work from the ultimate noise-makers. "Melt-Banana are in a league of their own. There are other extreme hardcore bands out there who are experimental and unique but Melt-Banana are more than that. They are giants amongst infants. Masters amongst pupils. Kings amongst serfs. Nobody can do what they do and nobody can adequately use words to describe them." -Jeb, Crass Menagerie


Disc 1
1 Stick Out
2 So Unfilial Rule
3 Mind Thief
4 Screw, Loose
5 Scrubber
6 Pierced Eye
7 Ketchup-Mess
8 First Defy
9 Iguana in Trouble
10 It's in the Pillcase
11 Rush & Warp
12 Picnic in Panic
13 Buddhism Core
14 Hangnail (Let It Go)
15 No One Wants Next One
16 Sicklist on Fire
17 One Dimensional
18 Not D, But M, Also S
19 Mind Thief [Live]
20 P-Pop-Slop [Live]
21 Making Fuss, Fuss, Fuss
22 Turtle vs. Bunny (Who One?)
23 Pig to Dog
24 Bird-Like Monkey in Cave, Singing in Drops
25 Bad Gut Missed Fist
26 It's Not My Fault
27 Neck on Me
28 Stop the Cook-Cu Test
29 No Doubt
30 Scooped Brain in a Cup
31 Capital 1060
32 How to Parlare
33 I Say, "Shoot! "
34 Minus-Minus-To One
35 Call Me Please-6824
36 Popsy Teeth in Red
37 Blackout Screen
38 To Be Continued?
39 $10 a Pile [Ax Version]
40 Dispoable Weathercock [Helpful 80 Points Version]
41 Y-Axis
42 Aquatic Bee
43 Wedge!
44 Seesaw Semiology
45 Cough, Coughed, Coughing
46 Q for Quinine
47 Bird-Like-Monkey, Pt. 2
48 Least Clipper
49 Baby Buggy Spitted
50 Drill the Dentist
51 Last Finger Split
52 West the Fist (Just for Reflection)
53 Dead Spex
54 Sonic Brain Burst
55 Ether Twisted
56 Shoot the Moon

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