1372 Overton Park


Vinyl LP

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2009, Universal Republic

VINYL FORMAT. 1372 Overton Park is Lucero's sixth studio album and major label debut. The album name is derived from the address of the Memphis loft in which all four band members lived, practiced and even recorded portions of their 2003 release That Much Further West. Almost as if marking the end of this era, this record turns the page and signals a strong move toward the Memphis soul sound that has long served as an influence for the group. Lead singer and guitarist Ben Nichols explains, "When [saxophonist] Jim Spake put that first horn track down, we began thinking of the record as having a certain sound. We heard pieces of Memphis history being played over our songs and it floored us and we just went with it." While 1372 Overton Park serves as a love letter to Memphis and its musical heritage, the band has far from abandoned the country/rock/punk influences that they've become known for over their previous five records and countless tour dates in front of rabid fans.


Disc 1
1 Smoke
2 What Are You Willing to Lose?
3 Sounds of the City
4 Can't Feel a Thing
5 Devil and Maggie Chascarillo
6 Sixes and Sevens
7 Goodbye Again
8 Johnny Davis
9 Darken My Door
10 Halfway Wrong
11 Hey Darlin' Do You Gamble?
12 Mom

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