A Creature I Don't Know

Laura Marling

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2011, Ribbon Records

A Creature I Don't Know is Laura Marling's third full length album. Produced by Ethan Johns, it feature ten new, original compositions of intricate and captivating story-telling, buoyed by Marling's rich voice, evocative lyrics and the precise, confident instrumentation on every track. Marling's delivery is pitch perfect, her voice going form the delicate whisper to brooding murmur and rousing wail, sometimes all in the very same sentence.

John's production of A Creature I Don't Know is the perfect showcase for her remarkable gifts, pulling back to give a stark spotlight to her stunning voice before surging forth with a rollicking live band feel. Fans of Marling's previous recordings will recognize her mesmeric tales and soaring melodies in what is ultimately and incredibly intimate album.


Disc 1
1 The Muse
2 I Was Just A Card
3 Don't Ask Me Why
4 Salinas
5 The Beast
6 Night After Night
7 My Friends
8 Rest In Bed
9 Sophia
10 All My Rage

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