A.C. Newman

A.C. Newman is the solo project of Canadian musician Carl Newman (born April 14, 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia), the lead singer of The New Pornographers and erstwhile Zumpano frontman.

Newman began his musical career in the 1990s as a member of the Vancouver grunge/pop group Superconductor. After a brief stay, he joined the Vancouver-based pop group Zumpano. The band released two albums with Newman in the mid-1990s, Look What the Rookie Did and Goin' Through Changes, both of which received favorable reviews. Though Zumpano never officially announced their breakup, they have not recorded any new material since the 90s.

Newman is a founding member of the successful Vancouver-based pop supergroup The New Pornographers. The band has released five full length albums since 2000, all of which received favorable reviews. In 2007, Bl...


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