Acrylics is the musical partnership of Molly Shea and Jason Klauber. Native to Philadelphia and downtown Manhattan, respectively, the pair began making music together while attending Ohio's Oberlin College, where they spent snowy nights in their basement droning Fender Jazzmasters in odd tunings and listening to vinyl records from New Zealand. After graduating Molly and Jason both moved to Brooklyn and founded Standing Nudes, a fiery quartet with a cult following who became one of the first singings to True Panther Sounds. When the band's drummer and bass player left to become MGMT's touring rhythm section, Molly and Jason decided to try something new. They named their new project Acrylics to evoke a planet of synthetic color. Combining the confessional and the fantastical, Acrylics set out to make cinematic songs that tell the truth too....


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