Alaska in Winter

• Alaska in Winter (aka Brandon Bethancourt)...
• Is originally from New Mexico but spent half a year in Alaska out in a cabin in the woods recording music during the winter of 2004... hence the name.
• Released its 'debut', "Dance Party in the Balkans" which featured a young Zach Condon (Beirut) in the summer of 2007 on US and European labels.
• Relocated to Berlin, Germany and recorded 2nd album "Holiday" summer 2008.
• Toured for 3 years with the "virtual orchestra" around N. America and Europe including festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Phono Festival (Norway), Nu Music Festival (Norway) and over 100 other shows in Europe.
• In 2009 was robbed into poverty by his European label.
• Came back to the US and was hospitalized. After exiting the mental hospital, Bet...


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