All That Is Holy

Psycho and the Birds


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2006, Recordhead

Bob has three new side projects that will be released in May. Psycho and the Birds, The Takeovers and Keene Brothers are the newest additions to the Fading Captain family. Psycho and the Birds is a new collaboration with Todd Tobias. Bob records songs boombox style and sends them to Todd to dress them up. The Takeovers is a collaboration with former GBV bass player Chris Slusarenko. Chris enlists some of his friends from the Northwest to help out (Sam Coomes - Quasi; Dan Peters - Mudhoney just to name a couple). The Keene Brothers is a collaboration project with Bob and Tommy Keene. It's pure pop magic when those two get together.


Disc 1
1 Killers PLAY
2 Suffer the Son PLAY
3 Alibible PLAY
4 Father Is Good PLAY
5 Blood Witness PLAY
6 Last Night Scamerica PLAY
7 Oh My Chosen One PLAY
8 Alabama Sunrise PLAY
9 Kiss You/Kill You PLAY
10 Jesus the Clockwork PLAY
11 She's Around PLAY
12 Disturbed PLAY
13 Yes an Article PLAY
14 Hello Forever PLAY
15 Break Some Concentration PLAY
16 Nation Gone Dry PLAY
17 Frozen Vegetable Fiction PLAY

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