Your Youth

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2010, Gigantic Music

Your Youth is a few kids with killer choruses in their heads and breezy harmonies in their back pockets, eternally ready to plug in and crush an amp with their bare melodies. Loud pop. They buzz along in a galaxy of fuzzed-out guitars, with the windows rolled down at all times, but there's a streak of snarl shot through their tales of blue sky and love bites. Theirs is a colorful world of dazzling indifference, vague regrets and flat-lining dreams, sung with a contradictory and abstract earnestness - they're hung up on nothing at all and everything possible. It's the sound of Weezer and Wipers fighting over who gets to drive the girl home at the end of the night.


Disc 1
1 Awake
2 Diamond
3 Rip [Live]
4 Small Sparks
5 Supercute
6 Boomerang

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