An Argument With Myself

Jens Lekman

Vinyl 12"

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2011, Secretly Canadian

VINYL FORMAT. In the symbology of Lekman's songbook, motion is a means to stave off insanity or succumb to it and the songs on An Argument With Myself EP deal with many types of movement, both big and small, from why he moved to Melbourne to the societal change/movement in his old town of Gothenburg to simple map directions.

With more fractured textures that combines horn, flutes, string swells, and arpeggiated guitars, the opening of the EP finds Lekman in a constant state of transition, musically as well as physically. However when the EP comes to a close the arrangements get looser, more reggae-timed and relaxed, like a music box winding down. For a moment the motion almost stops.


Disc 1
1 Argument with Myself
2 Waiting for Kirsten
3 Promise
4 New Directions
5 So This Guy at My Office

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