An Optimist Notes the Dusk

David Grubbs


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2008, Drag City

"A step into the void" is how David Grubbs describes An Optimist Notes the Dusk, his first solo album since 2004's A Guess at the Riddle. Much the same way that each of Gastr Del Sol's albums sought to avoid precedents and to model a world in which nothing should be taken for granted, the new album steps into the void. Nothing necessitates - it's all built from the ground up, and each step of the way it could have been built differently. Five longish songs and one 11-minute instrumental floor rumbler, all based around Grubbs' electric guitar.


Disc 1
1 Gethsemani Night
2 Optimist Declines
3 Holy Fool Music
4 Storm Sequence
5 Eyeglasses of Kentucky
6 Not-So-Distant

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