Answering Machine Music: A Brief Album in Twelve Parts

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone


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2004, Tomlab (Germany)

RESTOCK. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (CFTPA) rocks the world! CFTPA makes songs made up, sung, and played by Owen Ashworth. His first release on Tomlab, "Pocket Symphonies for Lonesome Subway Cars," gained a lot of attention in the alternative press with references including Moldy Peaches, Mountain Goats, Smog, Silver Jews, Young Marble Giants, and Will Oldham. CFTPA's self-released debut album, "Answering Machine Music," which has been hard to find, is now available in an expanded version and features a series of musical answering machine messages disguised as pop songs. Recorded in 1999 on 4-tracks, answering machines, and boom boxes, and played entirely on swap meet and thrift store miniature keyboards, it just may be the best battery-powered pop record you've ever heard.


Disc 1
1 Theme from Answering Machine Music
2 When the Bridge Toll Was a Dollar
3 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Joins the Foreign Legion
4 Cold Shoulder
5 Rice Dream Girl
6 Secretest Crush
7 Normal Suburban Lifestyle Is a Near Impossibility
8 Baby It's You
9 You Never Call
10 Daina Flores You're the One
11 Beeline
12 I Should Have Kissed You When I Had the Chance
13 Hey Jelly [From Scumrock]
14 Hotel Huntington Sigh
15 It's Winter and You Don't Love Me Anymore
16 Seattle Washington

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