Apologies to the Queen Mary

Wolf Parade

Vinyl LP

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2005, Sub Pop Records

VINYL FORMAT. All the hullabaloo aside, Wolf Parade is the genuine article. Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock was so impressed with Wolf Parade he introduced Sub Pop to them and also, along with engineer Chris Chandler, recorded much of Apologies to the Queen Mary.The album is an entirely collaborative effort, reeling headlong and breathless through songs written throughout Wolf Parade's time together as a band. They've spent time on tour with Modest Mouse and The Arcade Fire, played last year's All Tomorrow's Parties festival in California, self-released two limited ed. EPs, and have a song (a cover of Frog Eyes' "Claxxon's Lament") on The Believer magazine's recent covers comp. And then there's this little thing: Time magazine picked Apologies to the Queen Mary as one of "Canada's Most Anticipated Indie Albums Of The Year". Expect to see and hear much more from Wolf Parade.


Disc 1
1 You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
2 Modern World
3 Grounds For Divorce
4 We Built Another World
5 Fancy Claps
6 Same Ghost Every Night
7 Shine a Light
8 Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
9 I'll Believe in Anything
10 It's a Curse
11 Dinner Bells
12 This Heart's on Fire

Customer Reviews


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Nate Baustad
Who would have thought that this album would be the recepient of an A+ from me? Not me at least. I got the album right when it came out mostly because they would be playing near me soon after. I wanted to get the album and take a crash course to learn the songs for the live show. Little did I know that I would not take out the album for a solid two weeks (and I listen to a lot of music every day). I had no idea this album would blow me away more and more, and I would become addicted beyond my wildest dreams. Sure enough, they blew me away live and I still can't stop listening. Highly recommended!

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