Ashes Grammar

A Sunny Day in Glasgow


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2009, Mis Ojos Discos

At their core, A Sunny Day in Glasgow are a dream-pop band and Ashes Grammar is a dream-pop album. But even at their most accessible, there's an indescribable otherworldliness flowing through the band's music. Their music is all at once joyous, insecure, and blissed-out - and sounds nothing like we've heard from A Sunny Day in Glasgow before.


Disc 1
1 Magna for Annie, Josh, And Robin
2 Secrets at the Prom
3 Slaughter Killing Carnage (The Meaning of Words)
4 Failure
5 Curse Words
6 Close Chorus
7 Shy
8 Lights
9 Passionate Introverts (Dinosaurs)
10 West Philly Vocoder
11 Evil, With Evil, Against Evil
12 White Witch
13 Nitetime Rainbows
14 Canalfish
15 Loudly
16 Blood White
17 Ashes Grammar
18 Ashes Maths
19 Miss My Friends
20 Starting at a Disadvantage
21 Life's Great
22 Headphone Space

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