Autumn, Again

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Vinyl LP

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2010, A Sunny Day in Glasgow

VINYL FORMAT. Limited to 500 copies! If there ever was an album "for the fans," it is Autumn, Again. The band is keen to stress that this is not a glimpse of what lies ahead, but rather document of where they have been and what they have accomplished; a big "thank you" to the fans that have come on board over the years and everyone who came to shows and made the past year so incredible for the band.


Disc 1
1 Autumn, Again
2 Fall In Love
3 Petition To Refrain From Repetition
4 Sigh, Inhibitionist (Come All Day With Me)
5 Moments On the Lawn
6 Drink Drank Drunk
7 Violet Mary Haunts Me or Loss of Forgetfulness On Renfrew Street
8 How Does Somebody Say When They Like You?
9 Calling It Love Isn't Love (Don't Fall In Love)
10 This Assclown Eats Ambien or Nobody Likes You (No Art)
11 100/0 (Snowdays Forever)

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