B Sides

Mrs. Magician

Vinyl LP

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2013, Thrill Me

VINYL FORMAT. This is a collection of B sides and unreleased Mrs. Magician demos that we've kept lingering the basement / garage. It's more of a gift to our friends that have supported our band the past few years, but we're pleased to share these rough gems with anyone who cares to tune in. Cheers doods!


Disc 1
1 Despicable Things
2 All My Friends Are Dying
3 Guys In Cooler Bands
4 Fools Paradise
5 Wai Ki Kill
6 You’re Alive
7 Bermuda
8 Fuck You Aunt Gloria
9 Tabloids
10 Postcards My Parents Sent
11 I Hate Tour
12 Always A Bridesmaid
13 Jealous
14 Get Bent
15 Sleep Running
16 Lazy Girl
17 Someday Someone

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