Pushing the envelope of experimentalism within electronica, the soundscapes of BNJMN are deep, intrinsically melodic and densely layered. Intelligently referencing the early 90’s whilst still sounding totally contemporary, the young artist deftly treads a hybrid ground between house, techno and dubstep.

Reviews of his debut album, which saw BNJMN debut on revered Amsterdam based label Rush Hour, called his a ‘future sound’; ‘blindingly strong and cohesive’; ‘an entirely new kind of dance music experience’; ‘utterly now’. The sound created is vast both sonically and musically, creating a world of its own and possessing of a maturity that belies his 23 years. Luminaries Norman Nodge, Steffi, Surgeon and Deetron all offered support, amongst others.

Already carving out his own unique template, you can’t help but get...



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