Ba-Benzélé | Subterraneans

Brian Eno

Vinyl 12"

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2009, Slow to Speak

VINYL FORMAT. Slow to Speak is a gray-area vinyl recontextualization label -- reissuing onto 12" vinyl its favorite tracks -- beyond any obvious genre or stylistic confines. All releases are compiled by Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson for Slow to Speak. There have been close to 30 releases in the past, from Loggins & Messina to Haki R. Madhubuti. Packaging is often elegantly screenprinted. Although some earlier STS releases featured unique "edits", most are just album tracks pressed to vinyl to give new context and availability to classic works from the past -- listen now, ask questions later.

This Eno 12" features "Ba-Benzélé" from Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Music & "Subterraneans" from the David Bowie's Low album. 'Subterraneans' is the quintessential tragedy in song, a piece that needs no definite lyrical tale to relate its truly melancholic expression, its very notes, its distorted, shivering wails of possibly human melodic groans, its sub-bass synth pads, the only necessity for full expression: undeniably Eno's masterwork. It weeps, not through the deceiving over-intellectualization of poetry, but rather through the pure expression of tonal & melodic sound. This is the essence of Eno's contribution to modern music. Compiled by Francis Englehardt & Paul Nickerson for Slow To Speak. Silkscreened lettering on jacket with glitter.

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