Balloon Speaker (Dark Green)



We're sorry, but this product is no longer available.

2009, Yuento

WHAT? Okay this thing is too cool for school. It's a "music balloon" that's also a speaker. Also kind of looks like mic cover, maybe? Anyway, just plug this into your music device and you can conspicuously blast your tunes out to the world. Indeed, what a surprise, it's a speaker. . .

The specs:
Size: W 55 ×H 55×D 55mm
Type of plug: 3.5mm mini plug
Type of code: USB for battery charging (approx. 70mm / excl plug part) / Audio cable (approx. 70mm / excl plug part)
Material: Polyurethane (Sponge)
Power supply: Built-in lithium ion battery
Function: Dimension 20mm / shielded speaker / built-in amplifier active speaker / 8 ohms
Operative time: approx. 4.2 hours (Maximum Volume!!)
Rating input: 0.7W (8 ohms 1.0KHz)
Charging time: approx. 2 hours
Max. permissible input: 100mA / 4.2V

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