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2013, Glassnote

VINYL FORMAT. Comes with a digital download code! Bankrupt! is the first new Phoenix album in four years. It is not a political or financial statement. It does not offer solutions to the world's great problems or suggest excitement over insolvency. It sounds almost nothing like old Phoenix albums. It was made by the same people who made those albums, but they may not be playing the same instruments. It was produced by the band and Philippe Zdar in Montmartre. Champagne was involved. It contains 10 songs, no more. Bankrupt! is not disposable popular music. Though the songs are quite pleasurable on first listen, subsequent listenings will produce deeper engagement and satisfaction.


Disc 1
1 Entertainment
2 The Real Thing
3 S.O.S. In Bell Air
4 Trying To Be Cool
5 Bankrupt!
6 Drakkar Noir
7 Chloroform
8 Don't
9 Bourgeois
10 Oblique City

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