There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Brendan Fowler (born 24 March in Berkeley, California) is a musician, best known for his work under the moniker BARR, based in Los Angeles.

2) Barr is a folk/pop six-piece band from Stockholm (Sweden). They released their debut EP in 2007 followed by the album titled "Skogsbo is the Place" during 2008.
Band's Myspace site.

3) Barr is an R&B artist from Harlem ( NYC ) and he released his 1st mixtape called "BarrCode Vol. 1 " with chillin tracks like " Nasty Sounds" or " I Can"t See It ".

1) Brendan Fowler is a regular performer at the smell, a DIY music venue. He also co-runs Doggpony Records and is a co-editor of ANP (Artist Network Program) Quarterly - a Los Angeles based arts and culture publication funded by RVCA. He has r...


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