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Blonde Redhead

Vinyl LP

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2014, Kobalt

VINYL FORMAT. LP is packaged in a custom die-­-cut cover and inner sleeve with “peel and reveal” sticker insert. A digital download also included in the LP package. They certainly weren’t clear when twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace and Kazu Makino first found themselves playing and writing together back in the mid-­- 90s. At a time when the musical landscape was defined by the sullen, narcotic rage of grunge, and counterpointed by the purist, politicised undergrounds of Olympia, Washington and Washington DC, Blonde Redhead simply did not fit in anywhere. This indivisible trio of aliens -­- decorous, poetic, hermetic; dedicated to espresso and tea and a glass of red wine with dinner -­- were out of place in New York City, never mind the rest of America. It was only when, in 1997, they were invited to tour with Fugazi – who showed them a thing or two about being a band – that Blonde Redhead even saw the rest of the country where they had impulsively ended up living and working. Perversely, the experience helped to define them, and the long process of carving out a niche for their singular music began.

And they’re still here. It’s almost too obvious to mention that Blonde Redhead have never made records for fame, or for money, or to ape their teenage heroes, or to indulge any of the dumb, ephemeral impulses that clog up the blogosphere with dumb, ephemeral music. They make music, simply, because they have to. Over 8 increasingly distinctive and assured albums, they have developed a sonic language of their own: rapt, wistful, plangent, with melodies coiling like smoke through thickets of whispering electronics, anchored by nuanced, sensual rhythms. The liquid grace of their output redeems and resolves the precarious circumstances of its creation.

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