Battle Champions


Vinyl LP

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2005, Southern

VINYL FORMAT. This from the Dianogah website: "Battle Champions is our second full length album. It was recorded in the summer of 1999 with Steve Albini at his newly finished Electical Audio Recording in Chicago. We spent a little more time and money this time around and it shows (notice artwork is "more glossy" and songs are more "pro"). These songs represent about 3 years of writing and we even played around a little in the studio." Sure to be the Jam of the Summer!


Disc 1
1 Kaisakunin
2 At the Mercy of the Mustang
3 Time for a Game of Stick
4 Sometimes There Are Birds
5 Indie Rock Spock Ears
6 Emerson
7 They Have Monkeys Like We Have Squirrels
8 Eating Cake
9 Work
10 My Brother Wore Brown
11 Sometimes There Used to Be Birds

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