Battletorn started off as a trio, born in 2004, in NYC. Originially consisting of Beverly on vox, Omid on guitar and Will on drums, the band met, practiced, created 7 songs and less than a week later, played their first show. Weeks after that, their first release surfaced. By the end of 2005, Beverly left the band leaving just Omid to play guitar and "sing" and Will still playing drums. The first album with the two piece line-up, 'Terminal Dawn', was released mid-April, 2007. At the end of the summer of 2007 Omid moved to Nashville, but the 1000 miles apart failed to stop the band. A wild and fun tour of Japan in March 2008 was commemorated with a limited split single with Japanese thrashers M.G.T. on Outlaw Recordings. A new (and last) LP titled "Reflect The Filth" is due out in spring 2009, along with a book with...


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