Beautiful Despair

Comet Gain

Vinyl LP

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2006, What's Your Rupture?

VINYL FORMAT. Over the last decade, London's Comet Gain have proven themselves to be an outfit of brilliant flashes; if not an entirely consistent one, in the rediscovery of '60s Brill building pop kidnapped by '90s DIY kids in love with that they could not have. "Mainlining Mystery (Finchley Road)," written in part as an ode to resurfaced Television Personality hero Dan Treacy and the lost bodies and efforts of those like him, reminds us all that they're not lost so long as we remember. It also works as an exegesis of the band's career in and of itself, and many others like them. "The song we wrote today existed yesterday/And will always sound the same," guest vocalist Jon Slade intones over a hypnotic, hushed 3 A.M. "Sister Ray" vibe.

Everything Comet Gain has done up to now is owned up for here, in one extended elegy to our peppermint scene. For anyone who's ever gotten lost in underground music, this one's for you, a dour "History Lesson, Part II" for a different but equally monumental time, keeping mixtapes and shy, defiant first kisses alive for the next generation as it collapses into detuned synth heartstoppage. "Beautiful Despair" gets serious and despondent over slashing "King and Country"/Swell Maps-ian pouty determination, raggedly telling the same tale lyrically and dimensionally. It's one of the best singles they've had in a long time. The short, positive "Never Die" follows, warmly reassuring that everything will be OK. Probably the most serious and determined Comet Gain release, ever, and a high water mark for their career - higher than Realistes, even, in terms of song success ratio. This may not come as a shock to you, but here is yet another completely brilliant and unstoppable What's Your Rupture release, and Kev's winning streak shows no signs of being over. This one might actually be the best yet. Comes wrapped in a two-color poster sleeve. Absolutely positively a must-own. - Dusted Magazine

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