Beauty Pill

Beauty Pill is an indie rock band from Washington DC with band members once/currently affiliated with Smart Went Crazy, Del Cielo, Most Secret Method, Bald Rapunzel, Druids, Casino Action, Soccer Team, The Routineers, Faraquet, Medications, and Heat Better Scream.

The brain child of Chad Clark, Beauty Pill creates atmospheric indie rock including subjects such as drug use, murderous thoughts and events, and complex love relations. Beauty Pill has had two previous female vocalists, Joanne Gholl and Rachel Burke. The steady line up includes Chad Clark (vocals, guitar, song writing), Basla Andolsun (bass guitar), Drew Doucette (guitar), and Ryan Nelson (drums).

Beauty Pill began as a studio project with Chad Clark, Joanne Gholl, and Abram Goodrich. They were the creative force behind The Cigarette Girl from the Future. Ryan Nelson was...



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