Bells and Whistles

Chase Pagan


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2009, Esperanza Plantation

Order and receive three bonus MP3s of the tracks, "Cry Cry Cry", "Toes in the Water" and "Along".

The songs that Chase Pagan writes are timeless in nature, and seem to come from deep within an old soul trapped in a young man's body. After hearing his records, one can imagine him locked away in the confines of his mountain home, far from the mediocrity of pop culture as he paces the floors with guitar in hand. Pagan's second album was recorded in fall 2008 with Chad Copelin at Black Watch Studios in Norman, OK. His recent material is more upbeat and uplifting than the brooding material of his 2006 debut, released on the Militia Group label. Pagan is happily content with his station in life, snug between the walls of his mountain abode, and this satisfaction is reflected in his latest work.


Disc 1
1 Lonely Life
2 Life Garden
3 Warrior
4 Gun and the Sword
5 Summer Comes
6 John & Betty
7 Bring Down the Day
8 Don't Be Gay (Working Title)
9 Nameless
10 Better Of
11 Just Fine
12 Search
13 Train-A-Coming

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