Benjy Ferree

Benjy Ferree is a singer/songwriter from Prince George's County, Maryland. Though his songs are reminiscent of American Roots Music, Ferree's influences hop all around. Ferree's band consists of Amy Domingues of Garland of Hours (Cello), Jonah Takagi of Garland of Hours, (Bass guitar), Drew "Feather" Mills of The Blood Feathers, Espera and Big Jangle(Guitar, vocals). and Laura Jean Harris of The Aquarium (Drumkit). Benjy's first released an ep of six songs on record label Box Theory/Planaria Records in October of 2005. Box theory's founder, Laris Kreslins, linked Ferree with Domino USA and went on to release four new songs to compleate a full length debut album "Leaving the Nest"

There are those moments as music fans when you hear something that you instantly feel is substantial and profound. Leaving The Nest is one...


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