Best Crisis Ever


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2009, Quannum Projects

Best Crisis Ever is the second full-length from the multi-national duo Apsci. It is an intricately designed, lovingly crafted album, full of unexpected electronic bleeps and blurts nestled alongside Ra's wordplay. Dana's warm voice, which is a versatile instrument, adds an alluring depth to the music, as well as charm to Ra's complex, detailed production.

When Ra uses sparser beats, the richness of Dana's vocals fills in the space between - never overshadowing, always complementing, like on 'Let's RIP the Town Up,' the hard-edged song that balances quick, machine-gun percussion with truly singable, stick-in-your-head hooks. Similarly, on tracks like 'Under Control,' 'Big Adventures' and album standout 'Crazy Crazy Insane,' Dana and Ra's melodies twist and swirl with chords and the good-natured clamor of the production beneath.


Disc 1
1 Crazy Crazy Insane PLAY
2 Under Control PLAY
3 Camera on PLAY
4 Easy PLAY
5 'Til the Windows Rattle Off PLAY
6 Cubic Zirconia PLAY
7 Big Adventures PLAY
8 The Dark & Bittersweet End PLAY
9 Let's RIP the Town Up PLAY
10 Afford Me This Poetry PLAY
11 The Tradeoff PLAY
12 Swan Swan H PLAY
13 Let's Go!!! (Bonus Track) PLAY

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