Beyond Was All Around Me

Young Man


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2013, Frenchkiss Records

Recorded over the course of a month in early 2012 at Brooklyn's Rare Book Room Studios, Beyond Was All Around Me was produced, engineered and mixed by Nicolas Vernhes whose albums with Fiery Furnaces, Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors were a big part of what attracted Caulfield to working him. Caulfield reassembled his bandmates—guitarist Emmett Conway, bassist Joe Bailey, synth player Jeff Graupner and new drummer Darien Williams—and subletted an apartment walking distance from the studio in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. Caulfield says that living in one space helped them achieve a creative synchronicity they weren't able to achieve on the previous LP, which had been recorded at home in Chicago. Williams, their new drummer, was only 19 during sessions for Beyond, so instead of trying in vain to get him into bars when they had time at night they would hang out at home, listening to mixes and coming up with different ideas to implement the next day. "Being able to all be in the same place and really live the recording experience was so important for this album," Caulfield says. "It felt much more organic than recording the last album because of that."

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