Big Wheel and Others

Cass McCombs

Vinyl LP

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2013, Domino Recording Co.

VINYL FORMAT. Big Wheel and Others is Cass' seventh-and-a-half album and the follow-up to the 2011's pair of releases Wit's End and Humor Risk. It's brimming with Cass's singular gift for evocative storytelling, discerning introspection, and heartrending melody delivered through a haze of mystery and romance - and is his most encompassing work to date, a bold new chapter in the myth of this fascinating and singular artist.


Disc 1 Disc 2
1 Sean I
2 Big Wheel
3 Angel Blood
4 Morning Star
5 The Burning Of The Temple, 2012
6 Brighter!
7 There Can Be Only One
8 Name Written in Water
9 Joe Murder
10 Everything Has To Be Just-So

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