Black Noise

Pantha du Prince

Vinyl 2xLP

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2010, Rough Trade Records

VINYL FORMAT. On Black Noise, Pantha Du Prince fuses house, techno, shoegazy electronica and psychedelic electro-acoustic soundscapes into music that is at once both beautiful and bewitching. He has released several recordings to date through the respected German label Dial Records, which is run by and for its artists. His previous album This Bliss, was a bittersweet take on techno, which appealed to both dancefloors and living rooms alike and was hugely successful. As a result he has become an in-demand remixer and has done tracks for Depeche Mode and Animal Collective.


Disc 1
1 Lay in a Shimmer
2 Abglanz
3 Splendour
4 Stick to My Side
5 Nomads Retreat
6 Satellite Snyper
7 Behind the Stars
8 Bohemian Forest
9 Welt Am Draht
10 Im Bann
11 Es Schneit

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