Black to Comm

Black To Comm is an alias for Dekorder label owner Marc Richter's audio excursions. Richter creates his music using scratchy shellac and vinyl records, field recordings, a so called "kitchen gamelan," and more traditional instruments like organs, guitars, pianos and mbiras. The layering and hypnotic repetition of short loops from Psychedelia, Free Jazz, Vaudeville, and various other old recordings reveals alternative melodic dimensions not apparent in the source material. His work evokes a contradictory feeling of lightness and intensity, a bittersweet melancholy tempered by the chill of something ominous beneath the surface.

"Alphabet 1968" CD-R (TYPE053/2009)
"S/T" CD-R (Eclipsis/Absurd/2007)
"S/T" Black To Comm/Aosuke split-LP (Dekorder/2007)
"Shirley Temple Police For...



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