Blackout Beach

What started as a project called ‘Bertrand Russell and the Country Club’ soon evolved into Blackout Beach. Whatever the pseudonym, Carey Mercer’s solo creations dwell in a land all their own. Mercer began his solo project soon after the demise of his brilliant first band, Blue Pine, in 2001. Mercer would also form Frog Eyes around this time, recruiting roommate and keyboard whiz Spencer Krug, Blue Pine bandmate Mike Rak and his wife Melanie Campbell to help realize his swirling, frenzied compositions. Though just as dense, intense and literate as his Frog Eyes work, Mercer's Blackout Beach recordings reveal another side of the artist (and the artist's psyche).

Light Flows the Putrid Dawn, issued in June 2004 on Soft Abuse, features some of Mercer's most complex and darkly delivered material to date. The atmosphere slowly build...


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