Blue States

Blue States is an electronic/dream pop band headed up by Andy Dragazis. The band has been active since 1997 and is still producing music out of Sussex, England as of 2005. A track from their 2002 album Man Mountain, "Season Song", appeared on the soundtrack to the British horror film, "28 Days Later".

1998 Inspired by Aphrodite’s child and David Axelrod, 22 year old, half-Greek man mountain Andy Dragazis aka Blue States records demos on his home studio set up in a barn on the Sussex Downs in England. Sends demos to fledgling label Memphis Industries who like them very much and get in touch.

1999 First release for both Blue States and Memphis is the “Blue States Forever” EP. Further EPs follow – your girl and Walkabout. Blue States find themselves in some weird downtempo twilight zone inhabited b...



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