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2011, Hovercraft / Crash Symbols

Insound Exclusive! Insound is the ONLY place to get Born Gold's debut, Bodysongs, on VINYL!

Staff Pick! VINYL FORMAT. Limited to 300 copies! Born Gold's debut LP/mixtape Bodysongs, arriving September 20th, 2011 on Hovercraft / Crash Symbols, is a selected singles compilation of high-energy, futuristic noise-pop anthems. Caught in a highly idiosyncratic dialogue between harsh noise, future-leaning electronic music, indie rock signifiers and mainstream pop, Born Gold (formerly GOBBLE GOBBLE) conjures stuttering, blown-out and chopped guitar peals, erratic, bubbling synth arpeggios, crunked-out, sparkling 808 hats and bursts of meticulously processed digital noise. Oh, and hooks, hooks, hooks.

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Disc 1
1 Lawn Knives
2 End of Days
3 Decimate Everything
4 Morning Bath
5 Boring Horror
6 Wombstone
7 Wrinklecarver
8 Eat Sun, Son
9 Alabaster Bodyworlds
10 Early Birthday

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Zachary Nicholas
I know it'll be good.

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