Born Again Revisited

Times New Viking


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2009, Matador

Order Born Again Revisited and receive a free 7" (while supplies last)! Tracks are "Move to California" b/w "City on Drugs".

Times New Viking are not a font, but a rather audaciously talented trio from Columbus, Ohio. Known for shrouding their three-cornered pop constructions in clouds of tape hiss and buzzing noise, they have taken inspirations from sources as diverse as British art-school DIY of the late 1970s, Guided By Voices, Pavement and the Beatles.

On Born Again Revisited they told us they'd improved the recording quality by 25%, and they have achieved exactly that. Whereas the master for the last album was a cassette, this time it was a VHS. Far more layered and varied, Born Again Revisited is a slow build, from the rousing "No Time, No Hope" to the anthemic, Yo La Tengo-influenced "Move to California." Through it all their raucous sense of joy shines through unencumbered.


Disc 1
1 Martin Luther King Day
2 I Smell Bubblegum
3 City on Drugs
4 Born Again Revisited
5 Little World
6 No Time, No Hope
7 Half a Day in Hell
8 Something Moore
9 2/11 Don't Forget
10 These Days
11 (Me) Sympathy
12 High Holidays
13 Hustler, Psyche, Son
14 Move to California
15 Take the Piss

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