Bring It Back

Mates of State

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2006, Barsuk Records

Mates of State's unique, often complex, and always catchy pop gems defy genre boundaries. This husband/wife duo has released three previous full-lengths as well as numerous singles and EPs. Though a duo, they never fail to generate an abundance of melody and harmony via monster, bass-heavy organ, creative drumming, and alternately lushly layered and playfully dueling vocals. "Bring It Back" is Mates Of State at their complex yet lighthearted best: impeccably layered music that rewards attention, analysis, and repeated listens, but that's also instantly enchanting, drawing you in at once with hook upon incredible hook.


Disc 1
1 Think Long PLAY
2 Fraud In The 80's PLAY
3 Like U Crazy PLAY
4 Beautiful Dreamer PLAY
5 What It Means PLAY
6 For The Actor PLAY
7 Nature And The Wreck PLAY
8 So Many Ways PLAY
9 Punchlines PLAY
10 Running Out PLAY

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