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2009, Carpark Records

VINYL FORMAT. Insound Staff Pick - 2009! Fusing the growing intensity of his live performances with his background in electro-acoustic composition, the result is a collection of pieces that are intense and epic, and at the same time, down to earth and welcoming. Unlike the completely electronic Spiderman of the Rings, the instrumentation on Bromst is a mixture of acoustic and mechanical instruments, samples, and electronics. The intricate and complex parts are woven together into a rich, dense, noisy dance pop that has become Deacon's signature sound.


Disc 1
1 Build Voice
2 Red F
3 Paddling Ghost
4 Snookered
5 On the Mountains
6 Surprise Stefani
7 Wet Wings
8 Woof Woof
9 Slow with Horns/Run for Your Life
10 Baltihorse
11 Get Older

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