Brown On Brown

The Dads

Vinyl LP

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2013, Wharf Cat Records

VINYL FORMAT. Dad. It's a loaded morpheme; one that connotes conflicting and often embarrassing emotions and one that perfectly encapsulates the soul-rotting idiocy of Florida's The Dads. Transcendence through some base ass shit is the primary motivation for many of the musical and aesthetic decisions of The Dads. It's the push and pull between retarded and genius that provides their engine. Long surviving members of Tampa's storage locker scene, the boys in The Dads have maintained a slow but steady performing and recording drip over the course of the last half-decade, self-releasing material in limited editions, announcing releases that never materialize, and putting out half-assed "conceptual" releases such as the notorious and infinitely frustrating "Live at Club Fuck" audio-visual document. Moving further into the realms of kraut rock, free-punk, and prog-for-dumbasses, The Dads have systematically demonstrated that even the most deficient personalities have a place in the world of underground music. Rock n roll babies for whom no style is untouchable and no move too dumb or distasteful to make, Grateful Dad worship and all, this is music for stupid record nerds by stupid record nerds.


Disc 1
1 Disco Dad
2 I'm A Shitty Ghost
3 Jerk Off My Mom's Church
4 Disco Dad 2
5 I'm Still Mad
6 Ride The Moon Into The Sun

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