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The Pharcyde

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2012, Acrylick

Printed on a grey, 100% cotton t-shirt.

“As another tribute to the song “Passing Me By”, we created this graphic with the diehard fan in mind. The design was meant to serve as a perfect compliment to the lyrics. So if you loved the original lyric, you should feel the same about this graphic. The graphic consists of a school buss blessed with graffiti. It’s as simple as it gets, but at the same time very impactful, just as Pharcyde’s lyrics were. The Pharcyde iconic logo is of course plastered on the side. We just wanted to recreate what everyone envision in their heads when hearing the song as we did not want to mess with perfection. I was on her jock, yes indeedy I wrote graffiti on the bus First I’d write her name then carve a plus, with my name last, on the looking glass, I seen her yesterday but still I had to let her pass She keeps on passin me by…..” – Acrylick Clothing Company

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