Capgun Coup

Capgun Coup is an Omaha, Nebraska-based indie/folk-hop band signed to Team Love Records.

The members of Capgun Coup, Sam Martin, Greg Elsasser, Eric Ohlsson, Jesse Mckelvey & Sean Pratt, they are not the most well-versed students of rock music. Their debut album, Brought to You by Nebraskafish, demonstrates an eclectic and even schizophrenic sensibility that is clearly fueled by youthful exuberance and contempt for boundaries allowing them to create a genre blurring yet charming collage of noise, pop and punk rock. Nebraskafish leaves you nostalgic for everything you loved about the 80’s college and (post)punk rock (think Violent Femmes, Pixies etc) and their eclectic approach to music.

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