Care Bears on Fire

Care Bears on Fire is a Brooklyn-based band that consists of Sophie (vocals and guitar), Izzy (drums) and Jena (bass). The group originally formed in 2005 with member Lucio (bass). The band labels itself as a Pop punk group, mixing in Alternative and Garage elements. The band released their first, full length LP, I Stole Your Animal on September 28th, 2007, at a release party in Brooklyn. Their second album, "Get Over It,' was released in July 2009 on S-Curve Records. Sophie and Izzy are in 9th grade, and Jena is in 10th.

Care Bears on Fire formed in 2005 when Sophie, Lucio and Isadora "Izzy" were in 5th grade. They settled on the name Care Bears on Fire because they liked the idea of mixing something sweet with something edgy.
The band got their big break when New York Magazine did a profile on the three in the summer...



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