Carol Cloud

Wounded Lion

Vinyl 7"

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2008, S-S Records

VINYL FORMAT. Los Angeles gets a bad rap. Through our TV sets, we know it as a city of shallow glitter, brutal cops, and urban unrest --and, sure, there is that, but there are also lots of everyday folks, living unpretentious everyday lives. We also forget that Los Angeles has had a very healthy underground music scene, as it does today. Take the everyday folks and drop them into an underground scene and you get something like Wounded Lion, a great no-frills pop band who sounds fresh, even when they remind one of classic American power pop of the '70s. Inspired by The Amps, The Cramps, The Clean, and The Vaselines (as well as Credence Clearwater Revival and Kleenex), Wounded Lion can regularly be seen in L.A. haunts such as Mr. T's Bowl, The Smell, The Scene, and Spaceland. And now you get to hear them here, on their recording debut. The songs 'Carol Cloud' and 'Pony People' are two great poppers, hum-inducing, toe-tapping tunes which will wiggle their way into your brain and have you singing their choruses while at the grocery store or waiting in line at the DMV. This is perfect pop for the dying days of summer and the start of a new school year. Wounded Lion! 600 pressed.


Disc 1
1 Carol Cloud
2 Pony People

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