Casper & The Cookies

If you’ve never heard Casper & the Cookies, do yourself a favor; dismiss any preconceived notions. Forget that Jason played with of Montreal. Cast aside the reports of live shows replete with fake eyelashes, though it does look fantastic. You’re going to have to take Casper & the Cookies on their own terms. Over the course of three albums Athens, GA’s finest have managed to carve out an aesthetic of labyrinthine tangles of ear-worm melodies, plot-twist production, and the history of popular music.

After playing over 120 shows for 2006’s The Optimist’s Club (including two tours supporting the Apples in Stereo), the Cookies re-entered the studio. Starting with a few catchy nuggets for what was to be a studio recording of the band’s live set, Modern Silence eventually took over a year to finish. They pooled resources f...


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