Ceux Qui Inventent N'Ont Jamais Vecu (?)

Fly Pan Am


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2002, Constellation

after a debut record in 1999 and follow-up 12'/cdep in 2000, FLY PAN AM sharpen their sonic and conceptual knives to shiny surgical points on this second full-length. having gradually moved from long, reverb-drenched repetition to concise, bone-dry repetition in their live shows over the past couple of years, these new songs are marked by a full embrace of stuttering, fucked-up, funk. the result is a tightly-wound record that frequently seems to pop its own springs. a strange and resistant strain of instrumental rock has been breeding in the tweaked brains of these four boys for some time now, and CEUX QUI INVENTENT NíONT JAMAIS VECU (?) emerges as a startlingly infectious little virus, helping to keep the form alive by undermining and destabilising it in brash and unpredictable ways. FLY PAN AM chews up casual conjunctions of rock and electronics, leaving that hollow, worn-out ëpost-rockí category in a crumpled heap behind them. the group is serious about their krautrock, but about a great many other things as well, whether new york circ. 1980, afro-beat, or musique concrète.


Disc 1
1 Jeunesse sonique, tu dors (en cage) PLAY
2 Rompre l’indifference de l’inexitable avant que l’on vienne romper le sommeil de l’inanime PLAY
3 Partially sabatoged distraction PLAY
4 Univoque/equivoque PLAY
5 Arcades-Pamelor PLAY
6 Sound-support surface noises reaching out to you PLAY
7 Erreur, errance: interdits de par leurs nouvelles possibilities PLAY
8 La vie se doit d’etre vecue ou commencons a vivre PLAY

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