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2005, Stones Throw

On Peanut Butter Wolf's Stones Throw Label. Jay Dee and Madlib are Jaylib: 2 Producers, 2 MC's, rapping over each other's beats. After recording a grip of material from late 2002 right up through summer 2003, Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla and Madlib have selected 17 tracks and 2 bonus cuts. Guest MC's include Talib Kweli, Percee P, Frank-N-Dank, and Guilty Simpson.


Disc 1
1 L.A. to Detroit
2 McNasty Filth
3 Nowadayz
4 Champion Sound
5 Red
6 Heavy
7 Raw S--t
8 Official
9 Heist
10 Mission
11 React
12 Strapped
13 Strip Club
14 Exclusive
15 Survival Test
16 Starz
17 No Games
18 [Untitled Hidden Track]
19 [Untitled Hidden Track]

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Dylan Taverner
One of the best releases Stones Throw has ever released. Two very talented beatmakers, Madlib and J Dilla (RIP) collabed on this record, trading off production and rhyming duties as well. One would expect that these two drastically different producers would have some trouble working together in the studio; Madlib's beats are more loose and organic, whereas Jay Dee's have a more structured and crisp feel. But, the tracks work, exemplified with such bangers as "The Red" and "Smootherness". A def buy for those wishing to scratch the surface of the Stones Throw Label.

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