Child Abuse

There are three bands named Child Abuse.

1) 1977 LA punk band that later mutated into The Simpletons( posh boy).

2) Hardcore band from New Jersey that released the single '...Bring It,' on Mutha Records in 1983.

3) CHILD ABUSE bring together playfully wild keyboards, throbbed bass stabs, stuttering piledriver percussion and demonic vocal fits. To make matters more terrifying, CHILD ABUSE embody the musical spirit of a drunken Thelonious Monk in a head-on car wreck with Gorguts. Brutal, catchy, complex dissonance bent grind. The band released the acclaimed Miracle of Birth/Child Abuse split cd with Lovepump United, a full length cd released by Lovepump United with art by Albert Oehlen. CHILD ABUSE also has releases on Folding Cassettes, Rock is Hell, Forge Records, and Zum Media.

In early 2011, singer/keyboardist and foundin...


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